Capturing the Vibrant Spirit of Tennessee State University's Campus and Homecoming

Project Summary: I am thrilled to present a photography project that celebrates the captivating energy that defines the beautiful campus and student body of THEE Tennessee State University. During the unforgettable Homecoming event in 2019, I had the privilege of documenting the vibrant atmosphere that unfolded before my lens. The sheer enthusiasm emanating from the brothers and sisters of the Divine 9, as well as the entire student body, was truly remarkable and left a lasting impression on me.

Through this project, I aimed to preserve the essence of Tennessee State University's Homecoming, showcasing the incredible spirit that permeates the campus and its wonderful students. Witnessing and capturing the lively interactions and high-energy moments were an absolute delight. It is my sincere hope that the photographs in this collection do justice to the remarkable individuals and the spirit of camaraderie that thrives at this esteemed institution.

Please enjoy this visual journey that seeks to convey the vibrant and extraordinary atmosphere of Tennessee State University's Homecoming.