Modeling Comp Cards Digitals

Unlocking success in the modeling industry requires a polished and captivating model comp card. If you're dedicated to securing modeling opportunities, we're eager to delve into your aspirations. Let's coordinate a model photo session, crafting top-notch Polaroids to elevate your portfolio.

Our comprehensive package features a studio photo session, allowing you to cherry-pick 10-15 full-resolution images from a gallery comprising a minimum of 40+ options. Additionally, you'll receive a digital comp card similar to the one showcased here. Please note: Info on comp card below is not accurate, nor is it suppose to be.

Model Comp Card Pricing & Packages

Express Session

Expert Posing & Guidance
10 retouched images with digital and printing rights
1 location
30 minutes
1 outfit


Standard Session

Expert Posing & Guidance
15 retouched Images with digital and printing rights
1 location
1 hour
Up to 2 outfits