As a Cincinnati-based photographer, Julian Myles understands the unpredictability of the weather, especially when it comes to rain. However, a little rain shouldn't dampen your spirits or hinder your plans to create beautiful and memorable photographs. With Julian Myles Photography, you have a rain policy in place that offers flexibility and alternative options, ensuring your special moments are captured regardless of the weather.

Find an Alternate Location

When rain unexpectedly interrupts your outdoor photoshoot, there's no need to worry. Julian Myles Photography will help you explore alternative indoor locations that are available to the public. Cincinnati is home to many charming venues, such as museums, art galleries, or even cozy coffee shops, that can serve as a unique backdrop for your photos. By finding an alternative location, you can still capture stunning images while staying protected from the rain.

Embrace the Rain

Sometimes, the rain can add a touch of magic and romance to your photographs. If you're comfortable with the idea, Julian Myles Photography encourages embracing the rain and sticking to your scheduled date. By shooting in a covered location, you can enjoy the beauty of raindrops while creating timeless memories. The rain can lend a dreamy ambiance and create unique photo opportunities that you may not have considered before. Don't let a little rain stop you from creating breathtaking images.


If rescheduling is your preferred option, Julian Myles Photography understands that it may not always be possible for everyone due to work or travel commitments. However, if rescheduling works best for you, Julian will gladly accommodate your request. It's important to note that while rescheduling allows for a fresh opportunity with better weather, Julian cannot guarantee ideal conditions on the new date. Rest assured, every effort will be made to find a suitable alternative that works for both parties. Simply inform Julian Myles Photography of your preference, and they will provide you with the next available dates to choose from.

In the end, Julian Myles Photography prioritizes capturing your special moments and delivering high-quality photographs. Regardless of whether you choose to find an alternate location, embrace the rain, or reschedule, you can trust that Julian's expertise and creativity will shine through in every image.

So, the next time rain clouds roll in on your photoshoot day, don't let it put a damper on your plans. With Julian Myles Photography's rain policy, you can confidently move forward, knowing that your memories will be beautifully preserved, rain or shine.