Capturing an event is more than just taking pictures - it's about telling a story through photography. From candid moments to carefully composed shots, event photography has the power to transport us back in time and make us feel like we're right in the midst of the action. I'm excited to showcase the incredible work capturing a recent event with the American Jewish Committee. My goal is to create stunning visual record that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the event. Explore some of the highlights below.

About the Awards

The American Jewish Committee has recognized outstanding high school students in Greater Cincinnati for 55 years with the Simon Lazarus, Jr., Human Relations Awards. These awards were created by Simon Lazarus, Jr., a former president of AJC Cincinnati and advocate for inter-religious and interracial understanding. The awards exemplify the mitzvah of gemilut hasadim, or acts of loving-kindness, and honor student leaders who exemplify concern for others and a desire for better human relations in their schools, communities, or personal lives. The Lazarus Awards are a tribute to Lazarus's vision and his contributions to Cincinnati as an attorney and chair of the Mayor's Friendly Relations Committee.